Far Off Unhappy Webnovel

Set in the Lands Lost, ‘Far Off Unhappy Things’ follows a plethora of characters struggling to make a living in a desolate but beautiful world.

Unlike most other webnovels/writing projects/storytelling thingies, I intend for it to be an open source kind of deal. I disavow ownership of the setting or the characters, and you are free to use them for your own writing if you so feel like it as if they were in public domain

My own canon will be a hundred-chapter long webnovel, because I’m at the point in one’s life where one should write a hundred chapter webnovel. You can start reading by clicking ‘Far Off Unhappy Webnovel’ in the categories block.

If you want your own Far Off Unhappy stories hosted on this website, you can head over to ‘Submissions’ to see how you can get them posted under the ‘Far Off Unhappy Content’ tag.

Content warnings do apply. They’re far from pleasant stories, and you should absolutely not engage with this website if you are underage/ don’t want to be exposed to gory, sexual and otherwise mature and dark content.

  • Alexis

    Alexis, court alchemist of Prince Autumn, is stuck with Mary, Maxwell and Fleur as he tries to figure out a way to salvage a situation that’s spiralling out of control.

  • Airy

    Up north, the angel Airy protects the shrine of rebirth, where old things are new again.

  • Mary, the Astrologer

    CHAPTER 14: Where Fleur and Maxwell explore the mirrored world, and bite off more trouble than they ever expected to deal with

  • The Red Fox

    CHAPTER 13: where Reinhild makes her way to a hidden shrine up north, as if tugged onwards by an invisible current.

  • Luna

    CHAPTER 12: Morana has been captured by vampires, and attempts to escape, finding new strengths within herself in the process.

  • Narcissus

    CHAPTER 11: Where Kayleigh, champion of Narcissus, and Fionna, champion of Aster, fight for their beloveds.